During your first visit to Graham and Randles Chiropractic, you will be greeted and checked in by our friendly staff.  Our doctors will then take time to carefully review your concerns and will ask questions about your medical history and current condition.  They will perform a detailed neurological and orthopedic examination to rule out emergency conditions and to arrive at the most accurate diagnosis.  Part of this examination is usually an assessment of how well your joints move and an assessment for muscle imbalances and faulty movement patterns that can contribute to painful conditions.  Our doctors will also order imaging or lab work if it is clinically indicated.  If they feel that you will respond well to chiropractic treatment, they will recommend a course of care, outline treatment goals, and answer any questions you may have about your condition or your treatment. 


At Graham and Randles Chiropractic, we want our patients to see results rapidly.  Our average treatment plan consists of just 6 visits.  Some conditions resolve within 1-2 treatments, and other more severe and chronic conditions usually take longer.  If for some reason there is no evidence of improvement after 4 treatments, or if we feel the treatment you need lies outside of our scope of practice, we will gladly make a referral to the appropriate trusted provider.  We will not waste your time or money! 


What to Expect:

  • caring staff who will listen to your concerns
  • clinical excellence
  • 100% effort on our part
  • gentle, safe, evidence-based treatment approach
  • highly individualized treatments
  • education on your specific condition
  • homework (to speed up your recovery and minimize recurrences)